Mazdas Now Offered With Pre-Paid Maintenance

Mazda is known for offering a lineup of vehicles that deliver sporty driving characteristics. While it’s unquestionable that they’re fun to drive, Mazda wants to ensure their vehicles provide customers with maximum value as well. That’s why new and used Mazdas are now offered with the company’s first-ever pre-paid maintenance service.

The new program was designed specifically to meet customer needs, bundling together typical maintenance services at one low price that delivers a notable cost advantage as compared to paying for the services separately. Plans are available for both Mazda’s Schedule I and Schedule II maintenance regimens, and can be purchased in 1- to 5-year increments. Customers can even roll the cost of the Mazda Total Advantage Program into their new-vehicle financing when a purchase is made through Mazda Capital Services. The entire award-winning Mazda roster is covered, too, including the MX-5 Miata and the Mazda3.


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