Chairman Message

Since a few thousand years, Egypt made the first car in the world for military and civilian uses, the power of the number two horse, friendly environment in the fuel and emissions.

In the thirties of the twentieth century; returned Egypt began in the compilation of commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and then added in the fifties.
Since 2005 began a new era in the automobile industry in Egypt, where the reduced reliance on tariff protection, and succeeded in the face of free competition, and increased domestic production and keep the pro rata participation in growing markets.
The client, who decides to buy a car made in Egypt, to prove his confidence in the automotive industry and its feeder industries at the hands of Egyptian and international quality.
The car containing more than ten thousand part, the Egyptians by providing them with auto feeding nearly four hundred plant, satisfy customers on the domestic market and export markets, and confirms the confidence that the top of the car manufacturers in the world are determined to continue in a global race.
The Egyptian craftsman than the production of the buses on the major countries, a high proportion of domestic manufacture, exported to clients in Europe, Africa, Asia and Arab countries.             
The investment climate in Egypt encouraged many global companies to build factories in Egypt, and export them.
We have succeeded the Egyptians in the establishment of a comprehensive system in the different kinds of cars, commercial and private, including industrial companies, business organizations and organs of consumer protection in conjunction with the Government and its various bodies for industrial development, specification, quality, and industrial control and modernization of industry and the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and deepen the domestic manufacturing. Everyone involved in the development of specifications and enact laws and draw up strategies and plans, and the opportunity for local cars to replace old cars, and the financing of marketing policies and local and international exhibitions, shared financial institutions, banks, insurance companies and financial leasing.
The auto industry in Egypt is preparing for its launch major, to invite international companies and investors to benefit from the expertise and the Egyptian historical, geographical location and growing domestic market, export markets open and free trade agreements and to enjoy the climate of stability and investment.
The Egyptian Association for Feeding Industries for cars to reach out to all who wish to work in Egypt, the identification of plants and production potential, and to assist in marketing studies, and communication and explain the regulations and local laws, and to overcome any obstacles that investors may find them.